High Absorbent Thicken Pet Pad

Youneya high absorbent thicken pet pad is designed to absorb the pet pee to prevent the pollution of the floor or other furniture. This is a pet waste management and dog behavior worry-free quick-dry product. We are helping you to maintain your home a pleasant and clean environment for your pets. The pad is able to absorb a lot of pet pee in several seconds. You just need to change a pad for once or twice a day. With the help of our quick-dry pads you will enjoy your pets life by all means.

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The pad is consist of 6 layers:

Layer 1: Tear-resistant quilted non-woven fabric.

Layer 2: Quick-drying tissue.

Layer 3: Fluff pulp sheet.

Layer 4: Advanced super absorbent polymer.

Layer 5: Locking tissue.

Layer 6: Anti-slip&leak proof backing PE film.

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Product Specific




YP-S01 30x45cm 100pcs/bag
YP-M01 45x60cm 50pcs/bag
YP-L01 60x60cm 40pcs/bag
YP-XL01 60x90cm 20pcs/bag

Features & Advantages

Super Absorbent: The dog pee pads are thicker than most dog potty training pads on the market. Super absorbent gel immediately absorbs liquids to prevent leaks.It can hold up to 3 cups of liquid.

Heavy duty super absorbent core turns urine to gel;

Locks the liquid in the middle layers;

The standard size pad can hold up to 3 cups of liquid;

Protection Lining 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee;

The bottom layer is made of PE plastic material. It can protect your carpet and floor from leaking;

Control the odors of urine from spreading in the space;

Upgraded Material: The new puppy pads are made of high-quality materials and surfaces adopts thicker quick-drying material. Compared with other training pads, it does absorbs urine smell and are also Scratch-resistant and Tear-resistant.

Product Warranty and Application

Product warranty: We offer every customer a limited one-year product warranty on every item purchased.

Application: Puppy Supplies, Pet potty quick-dry, Aging pet assist, Travel carrier, Pet kennel, Puppy tray, Inside the car, and Prevents water/food spillage from the bowl.

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