How To Choose The Right Dog For You

Some of the more common pets on the market today are pet dogs, pet cats, pet pigs, hamsters, parrots and so on.

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Pet dogs are also the most common pets, and most people keep them because they are both smart, cute and loyal.And there are many kinds of dogs, including large dogs, small dogs, and various kinds of dogs that make it difficult to choose.

When you decide to have a dog, have you ever thought about what kind of dog to have?

A large dog or a small dog

1. Large dogs: Large dogs can bring people a sense of security. In the past, people kept dogs mainly to see the house and protect the hospital, so they are basically large dogs.If you live alone and lack a certain sense of security, you can keep a large dog. Large dog can give you enough sense of security, such as a golden retriever or a Labrador is a good choice.

But if you have a large dog, you must have more room at home.The rooms are too small to keep large dogs because they don't have enough room to move around.It also costs more money to have large dogs because they eat more food at a meal.

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2. Small dogs: Small dogs are generally more clingy, small dogs are mainly to accompany people.And small dogs look more cute, whether the elderly or children will not be afraid after seeing it.

Small dogs are less destructive because of their size problems, and the damage range is slightly smaller.Small dogs take up less space, so they can basically meet any living conditions, and small dogs can eat less and spend less food every day.If you like a cute and lively dog, just choose a small dog.

Male dog or female dog

Don't think that there is no difference between male dogs and female dogs, but the difference is quite obvious.In appearance, the average male dog is slightly larger than the female dog.

1. Male dog: the male dog is relatively larger than the female dog, it will be more naughty and active, its body shape and hair color can be maintained for a long time, that is, the appearance is not easy to change too much.But the smell of the male dog is stronger than the female dog.Overall, raising a male dog requires some more patience.

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2. Female dog: Compared to male dogs, female dog will be more gentle, once it have a baby, the body will have some changes, not look as good as before.

A long haired dog or a short hair dog

1. The long-haired dog looks more noble, but it is difficult to take care of the long-haired dog. Basically, we have to comb the dog's hair every day, which will consume more time and energy.  They will be shedding all over the house, which is a very nerve-racking problem, and some clean people are not suitable for long-haired dogs. 

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2. Shorthair: Shorthair dogs will be a little easier to manage, only need to groom their hair 2 to 3 times a week, and shorthair dog shedding phenomenon is not so serious, suitable for a cleaner people. 

Dear friends, if you consider the above three aspects, you can get a dog, officially become a pooper, start your pet raising road. 

Post time: Jun-03-2019