How To Train A Dog To Defecate On A Urine Pad

Today's dog training tutorial is to train dogs to urinate on urine pads.In general, if you don't have enough time to go for a walk.Usually the urine pads are good choice, as large as possible, to ensure that the dog has enough room to defecate. 

Dog To Defecate

Select a Location For The Urine Pad:

When you choose a location for your puppy's urine pad, you should choose a place where you can easily see it, but it should also be an at least somewhat restricted room or area.Of course, you should avoid putting the pad on the carpet, as unnecessary trouble can occur.

Tell Your Dog Where To Go And Poop:

Now that you are all ready to start training right now.First, take it over there to show it that mat.Then, you need to take your puppy to the mat more often.A puppy can't hold its urine as much as an adult dog, so it's necessary to take it to the urine pad very often.

The best way is to take your puppy to the mat every two hours.In addition, the dog after exercise, after drinking water, after eating, just wake up and other times are easy for the dog to defecate. Taking your dog to the urinal pad quickly can be very effective.

Once you take your puppy to the urine pad, you should wait for it to excrete.

When your dog is doing well,you should give him a reward for his good behavior.You should also praise your dog as a "good boy."If your puppy doesn't excrete, wait for half an hour and bring it back.Repeat the process until your puppy is fully trained.

Matters Need Attention:

When you go home and find it urinating in the wrong place, do not punish it.

Do not scold your dog when he makes a mistake, but take a firm stance so that he is not free to go wherever he wants.

Master the time point when the dog is excreted.

After the dog excreted in the wrong place, thoroughly clear marks and smell.

Be patient with defecation training.

Post time: Jun-27-2022