How To Train Dogs Not To Bite People Randomly

If a family dog is spoiled by its owner, it may dare to bite its own owner.If your dog is biting, understand why it bites, and see how to train it not to bite.

1. Severe reprimand: reprimand the dog immediately after biting the owner.Also, the expression must be serious, or it will think you're playing with it.

2. Rejection method: Hold its chin or roll the magazine into a cylinder on the floor, make a loud sound to intimidate.

3. temper justice with mercy: If a bite happens, to repeatedly reprimand, if there is progress, touch the head to praise it.After a while, it will understand that biting is wrong and bad behavior.

How To Train Dogs Not1
How To Train Dogs Not2

4. Anti-bite spray: If this still can not change the bad habits of the dog, you can also go to the animal hospital to buy the "anti-lick and bite spray", which will be evenly sprayed on the hands and feet, so as to develop the good habits of the dog.

5. Understand why it bite: Sometimes family dogs bite strangers for warning or fear.At this time, you can ask friends to help, train the dog habit to contact with strangers.

6. Friends help feed: When let a friend feed the dog food, let it see that the food is handed to the friend from the owner, so that it can understand that the person is trusted by the owner, and is not a dangerous person.

7. Friends praise it together: after eating the food fed by friends, two people praise it together, so that it can gradually become accustomed to contact with strangers, for a long time will naturally improve.

8. Walking often: Walk with strangers to learn how to face the experience. This is a good practice, not only to stay safe, but also with strangers. If it stop calling, give food as encouragement.

Post time: Jun-26-2022