What Is a Dog Diaper And Does Your Dog Need It?

Thanks to the times, we already have options to make life more comfortable for our dogs and keep our homes cleaner. Dog diapers, like those designed for human babies or adults with incontinence problems, can accommodate pet waste and are easy to dispose of. This provides pet lovers with a more hygienic solution.

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How dogs and owners can experience the 'benefits' of dog diapers

Loving dogs doesn't mean putting up with their poop. We all want pets to poop in the right places just like humans do, but it always backfires. You should consider using dog diapers in the following situations:

● Small dogs that are not properly trained may urinate in unexpected places. Dog diapers can effectively protect your room from contamination until it learns to defecate in the right place;
● When a healthy bitch enters the mating season, her period bloody secretions also stain carpets and furniture, which can last for two weeks or more. A dog diaper can suppress this secretion and help a female dog in heat to be as unaffected as possible by a male dog before being spayed;
● If you rescue an adult stray dog in need, it may not know how to defecate in the right place, or the stress of a new family may cause it to "get into trouble" everywhere. A nasty male dog might mark your room by lifting his legs to pee, while a submissive puppy might "please you" by peeing. Don't blame the dog in either of these cases, as the smell of urine can calm them down. Trimming your dog's nails, fighting a cat, or dumping food from his food bowl in a new home can make him feel stressed, and the greater the stress, the more likely he is to release himself through urine;
● Modern pet dogs are living longer and more fulfilling lives than ever before. Often, responsible pet owners do not abandon their pets with health problems. Instead, they are provided with a variety of amenities, including those with disabilities, who can use a dog wheelchair. Using dog diapers allows these disabled pets to live well with their owners, even if the disease causes loss of bladder or bowel control.
● Just as some women develop incontinence at a certain age due to loss of estrogen, so can neutered bitches at a certain age. Owners need to understand that this is not their intention.

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Finally, a certain percentage of older dogs develop age-related cognitive problems, kind of like a dog version of Alzheimer's. They may remember some of the previous training, but they may also have forgotten the correct place to poop that you told them. Or they simply don't "hold" long enough to get to the excretion.

Many people treat dogs as part of the family, and they share those good times with their owners, who share not only love but also their own beds and pillows. But dogs who "trouble" in their own beds not only don't make their owners happy, they even develop disgust. It also breaks the bond of love between humans and pets.

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How To Use a Dog Diaper

How to use dog diapers most effectively? First you need to figure out what kind of behavioral problem it can solve. Do you need to temporarily care for a female dog who is on her period, or need to train a dog that is pooping everywhere? For these pets, they may only need to wear disposable dog diapers at home and at night. If your dog needs this help for the rest of his life, the cost may increase.

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Check The Size To Choose a Dog Diaper

Choose products based on your dog's waist, thighs and torso length. Female dogs don't need as much length as male dogs, who need extra material to cover the penis. If all you need is urine control, a wrap should probably be considered for male dogs.

Measure the dog's waist with a tape measure in the area under the waist of the dog's diaper, about 5 cm in front of the buttocks. For length, place the tape measure at your waist below your belly, then measure back between your legs and from your tail up to just above your waist. Dog diaper products offer size charts and measurement tips for the best fit.

How To Train a Dog To Use a Dog Diaper

Dog diapers for the first time are usually rejected, so we need some way to get them to accept dog diapers. First, put the diaper on the floor and let the dog smell it and get used to the thing; next, put it on your dog, let it hold on for a minute while offering him a tasty treat, and then take off the diaper . Let it rest for five minutes, then repeat the previous steps, this time for two minutes, then three minutes, and so on, in a loop.

If your dog doesn't object, you're doing a good job. It may take a while to teach your pet to accept this "grievance" and be greeted with some tasty treats so they don't resist so much.

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